Dealing with the shift from High-school to University

Updated: Feb 4

The transition from college to undergraduate is probably one of the most daunting yet exhilarating experience of a student’s lifetime. Upcoming final exams, the ever-piling work of university applications and the hoard of responsibilities paired with the pressure of adulting can make someone lose focus of their final goal and make them lack the motivation and drive to accelerate through which is perfectly alright considering how every person around us goes through the exact same situation - it can surely be dealt with. Here are a few tips to deal with undue stress during university applications:

1) Making a timetable

This may sound like a cliched piece of advice but its tried and tested because sometimes all one needs to regain direction is a focused approach towards your day and then slowly whilst taking baby steps, move upwards the hierarchy of achievements. Jotting down daily to-do lists and making proper timetables helps you realise the amount of hours in a day that are neither productive nor recreational and then one can devise how best they can be utilised whilst making time out for family and friends. Furthermore, with the humongous pile of work for university applications, there is a lot of information you need to keep track off and the most efficient way is to relieve your memory and instead jot it down on paper or in your laptop etc which also helps because your motives are right in front of you(literally) and easier to remember. Also nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing out tasks as they are fulfilled which further gives you an energy boost and motivation to achieve more goals.

2) Peer group studying

One way to deal with stress is to share it with the people who are on the same boat as you. Whether it takes place in a serious and non serious learning context, in small groups or with your online penpals, peer learning manifests aspects of organization and motivation that are mostly lacking from the traditional models of learning in a classroom because of the teacher’s own availability and/or student’s reservation and as unfortunate as it is, can be dependent on the teacher-student relationship bias. In those cases, rely on your support system and don't be hesitant to ask for help with application aid or studying because its bilaterally beneficial.

3) Exercise and Meditate

A major part about dealing with stress is making a conscious decision to not let the stress get the best of you and the optimum way is to meditate and give yourself a little alone time. Hormones such as Oxytocin and Serotonin also known as feel-good hormones are released which assists you in establishing focus and clarity and gives you a boost of energy to go about your day. A surge of positive energy can help you in mentally preparing yourself for your daily goals and figure out a plan to find a work around the upcoming college exams and university applications simultaneously.

4) Do not be hesitant in asking for help

Asking for help can be daunting because it requires that you lower the drawbridge and admit that you need help. So the first step is admitting to yourself that help is needed and there is no shame in asking for it because extra guidance from a professional at a time of stress can assist you in configuring the issues you're dealing with and relieve your mind of psychological undue stress to gain complete focus on ahead work. Abstaining to rely on an expert psychologist mostly culminates from fear and rugged individualism which is understandable so in cases like these, one can talk to a friend or coworker who is struggling with similar conundrums and can offer experiential advice. If there are no personal restrictions, then one can seek help from an expert professional psychologist.

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